i-Impact Group, Inc
Claudio Pannunzio, the owner of i-Impact Group, asked for a logo that would balance a professional, high-end financial services industry impression with a Zen-like, non-aggressive quality.  The logo illustrates how i-Impact group empowers a company to identify its core market profile and develop the most advantageous positioning and clear, consistent messages that radiate out and resonate with their target audiences.
For a proprietary service that his company provides named Message Map, he asked for another logo that would integrate with the company logo.  The visual concept of the concentric circles radiating out was repeated with the double “M” dipping into the central point and the name mark of Message Map below.
C HealthLinx, LLC
The CHL Logo Symbol was designed starting with the symbol used in the safety training industry for hazardous products.  The monogram in the globe was incorporated into the globe graphic using a bold, clean, forward-moving italic font, to emphasize the strong, global programs offered.  The sweep around these elements with the star in front is a reference to the high quality and continually evolving vision of the company.
Added to the logo symbol is the company name word mark using the same font used in the monogram.  The colors are derived from the original hazardous waste symbol and the dark green of "going green".
CHealthLinx LLC, an occupational Safety and Training located in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  

CHL focuses on safety programs designed to fill your company’s needs through professional and simple to understand safety programs designed to manage losses from workplace injuries and property damage. 
Fabrite Laminating Corporation
Fabrite Laminating Corporation - 
Logo for New Shipping Service
Logo for New Line of Laminated Products
Fabrite Textiles - 2010
Nolaro LLC RX24 QuadraSTEP System 2008
In the Spring of 2008 Nolaro LLC was preparing to launch a revolutionary new foot orthotics product, and engaged Conaway Design to create a brand logo, product packaging, and all marketing and support collateral to bring the RX24 product to market by the Fall 2008.  Working collaboratively with Nolaro, Conaway Design created the RX24 logo.  A unique clear plastic box, including contemporary colors and graphics, was then designed to accommodate a variety of foot orthoses in varying sizes.  The graphic theme was then applied to a variety of applications, including package inserts, posters, brochures, letterhead, business cards, trade show backdrop, and a state of the art web site.  Since launching RX24, Nolaro continues to receive high compliments on the visual impact of the RX24 brand image.   
Lindisfarne Food Group - 2011
Newtown Montessori School 1997
The Frasear-Woods School 2008 
Fraser Woods Montessori School 2011
American College of Foot and Ankle Pediatrics 2013
Steps Online Orthotics 2013
Ageless by George 2004

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